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Kat in late 1950s/early 1960s Jean Allen strapless dress

Kat fell in love with his dress that we then leveled to Ballerina length. It is a tricky dress to date as Jean Allen worked over quite a long period, but the styling clues lead to late 1950s or just possibly into the early 1960s. Kat sourced her bolero from The Couture Company, her hair piece from Fur Coat and No Knickers and all photography by Nick Archer Photography. Hair and make up by Lulu’s Vintage Beauty Parlour, flowers by Jim Shaw at the Reuben Shaw Garden Centre and those red shoes from Phase 8.

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Amazing Victorian lace

Daniella wore this extraordinary Victorian lace dress that had been re-modeled in the 1930s. The elegant butterfly sleeve was set off by a bespoke silk slip from Abigail’s Vintage Bridal.

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