Edwardian wedding dresses

Edwardian and 1920s

Edwardian wedding dresses are characterised by a romantic whimsical style, exquisite lace paired with soft flowing lines is very much the order of the day. Laces include Brussels Princess Lace with its hand worked flowers, needle-run lace with intricate patterns and my favourite English tambour lace with organic flowing lines.
The early Edwardian silhouette (C.1902 – 1910) is formed of a blouson bodice, A-line skirt and a tiny waist. Later in the Titanic era (C.1911 – 1919) tunic style dresses with square necks and T-shirt length sleeves become de rigour with everything having a hint of the Oriental.

1920s wedding dresses bought vibrant androgyny. Girls should look a little like boys and should be able climb trees! A boxy tunic style reigned supreme for most of the flapper era, short, backless dresses were ubiquitous. Excess was also in vogue a la the Great Gatsby. Fabrics range from delicate lace to sumptuous devoré velvets by way of striking metallic lamés.